Working at EMA

PhDs for 2023

– SPARROW: Sparse Radio Occultation using Wavelets. Supervisors: Rémi Douvenot, Hélène Galiègue (ENAC – Telecom), Sonia Cafieri (ENAC – Optim). Apply.

– Corrections of Antenna Measurements using Spherical Decompositions. Supervisors: Alexandre Chabory, Rémi Douvenot (ENAC). (Apply on the CNES website, link to come soon.)

– Design of Dielectric Resonator Antenna using Additive 3D Printing for Small Antennas. Supervisors: Christophe Morlaas, Alexandre Chabory (ENAC), Romain Pascaud (ISAE). (Apply on the CNES website, link to come soon.)

Postdoctoral positions

(12 months) — Improvement of the VOR error simulator of TELECOM-EMA. Details in this pdf file. Supervisor: Alexandre Chabory Apply (email)


Feel free to send your speculative applications, see our contact page.