The Electromagnetics and Antennas (EMA) research group is part of the Telecommunication team of the ENAC laboratory. Its activity is mainly focused on the Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) systems for civil aviation.

Research topics are antenna design and electromagnetic models.

Main research topics


  • Vector antenna design
    • for 3D direction-of-arrival estimation
  • Antenna based on metamaterials and Huygens sources
    • for aeronautic and naval navigation, electronic warfare, spectrum surveillance, Search & Rescue
  • Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRA)
    • for UAV and nanosatellites

Models for propagation

  • Multipath models
    • Integration of electromagnetic models and realistic receiver
    • impact of large structures (building, windturbines, …) on CNS devices
  • Atmospheric propagation
    • Development of new modelling algorithms
    • Accurate description of the medium
    • Atmospheric inference