The Electromagnetics and Antennas (EMA) research group is part of the Telecommunication team of the ENAC laboratory. This group carries out research and studies on electromagnetics and antennas. Its activity is mainly focused on the Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) systems for civil aviation.



Scientific Fields of Expertise


Includes the design, analysis, and test of innovative antennas that may be of interest for aeronautical applications. The two main activities are:

  • Antennas for radio direction finding: antennas specifically designed for the direction-of-arrival estimation of a signal
  • Small-size and multi-function antennas: GNSS antennas, UAV communication antennas, low-profile and multiband antennas


Numerical models for propagation

Concerns the development of dedicated electromagnetic models for civil aviation systems. This includes classical numerical methods and specific models that integrate the particular aspects of civil aviation systems. The main research activities are:

  • Numerical modeling of antenna systems: integral equations, high-frequency asymptotics (ray methods, physical optics, Gaussian beams), hybridization
  • Prediction of the atmospheric propagation taking into account the refraction index and the relief
  • Impact of sustainable energy systems (solar panels, wind turbines) on the CNS devices of civil aviation
  • Analysis of the jamming on radiocommunication antennas caused by electrostatic Corona discharges
  • Ionospheric propagation