Working at EMA

Postdoctoral positions

Feel free to contact the lab for free applications.

PhDs for 2021

– SPRITE: Simulation  of the Propagation above the Relief In a Three-dimensional Environment . Details in this pdf file. Supervisors: Rémi Douvenot (ENAC) and Alexandre Chabory (ENAC). Apply (email)

– PEMTIM: Electromagnetic propagation through turbulent media: a multiscale modelling investigation. Details in this pdf file. Supervisors: Rémi Douvenot (ENAC), Hélène Galiègue (ENAC), Stéphane Jamme (ISAE). Apply (CNES website)

– Design of 3D-printed multiband electrically small antennas for nanosatellite applications. Details in the pdf file. Supervisors: Christophe Morlaas (ENAC), Romain Pascaud (ISAE). Apply (CNES website)


An internship on the PEMTIM PhD topic is open. Apply (email)