Electromagnetics and Antennas (EMA) group

ENAC / TELECOM laboratory

Working at EMA

Postdoctoral positions

– Development, validation and integration of error models for navigation using Instrument Landing System. Details in French or in English. Supervisors: Rémi Douvenot (ENAC) and Bertrand Spitz (ENAC).

– Development of simulation tools and propagation models for CNS systems (Radar, GNSS, DME, MLT, etc.). Details in French. Supervisors: Alexandre Chabory (ENAC).


– Forecast of the Strong Ionospheric Events at High and Low Latitudes for GNSS Application. Details in French or in English. Supervisors: Hélène Galiègue (ENAC) and Rémi Douvenot (ENAC).

– A Posteriori Correction of Antenna Measurements using Wavelets. Details (in French). Supervisors: Alexandre Chabory (ENAC), Romain Contreres (CNES), and Gwenn Le Fur (CNES). Link to CNES website

– Analysis of Corona Discharges on High Metallic Structures.  Details (in French). Supervisors: Hélène Galiègue (ENAC), Alexandre Chabory (ENAC), and François Issac (ONERA).



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